The Dolphin Society
Flip your flippers to joy
Competitions and Projects
The leader, chosen every month, is allowed to schedule competitions during his week of leading the society. The competitions cannot be biased and must be within the reach of every member. A member from the Council is chosen to be the Judge. That member cannot enter the competition. The leader has to provide the prize himself.
  1. How do our Competitions work?
    In the Dolphin Society, being biased as a Judge or the leader has a heavy punishment. Everyone has to be treated equally. And everyone must have a chance to express themselves. If a Judge or a leader is caught being biased, he/she is definitely out of the Society.
  2. How do our Projects work?
    The leader may have control over everything, but for projects, it's the whole Council that does the planning for projects. First, the Council creates a poster regarding the project, takes a photo of it and posts it on the Hangouts chat, then the whole Dolphin Society starts discussing. An example of a project is creating a website online. It is good to have a project about dolphins.
  3. How do our Competitions work?
    Here are the steps. 1. The leader schedules a competition, makes a poster and sends it to every single member. 2. The leader chooses a member of the Council to be the Judge. 3. The members send their entries to the Judge. 4. The winner is chosen and the leader provides the prize.
  4. How do our Projects work?
    The member who contributes the most in the project is put in the Hall of Fame and promoted. If he's already the leader, nothing happens because the leader IS supposed to contribute the most. :)
So take part... and you will have a chance to win.